Fans Of Princess Alexandra

Photo By Steen Brogaard ( 2007 )

This page is for fans of Princess Alexandra of Denmark to tell their story of how they became a fan of the Danish Princess Alexandra.                                                        


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Story 1:  It was back in 1999 that I became very interested in the Royal family. Princess Alexandra had told the press that she was expecting a baby. I began to collect  magazines of her and my interest of Alexandra began to grow. But my hobby became very huge in 2000 . I began looking for more info of her on the internet. I find her exotic, beautiful, and down to earth, and photogenic. But also that she learned Danish so fast and has done a lot of work for the Royal family shows why she is still popular.

Webpage  Editor 


Story 2:  My name is Florine and I'm from France. I'm a big fan of Princess Alexandra and I would like to say THANK YOU for your website dedicated to her. It's great to see that you put so much effort into it and keep it up to date.  

I wanted to buy a biography in English on Princess Alexandra but couldn't find any on the internet. The new section on your website has made my wish come true, so Thank You again! 

Keep it up and all the best,

Florine, France



Story 3: I want to congratulate your job. The site is great. I also like Princess Alexandra.  I think that she represents Denmark very well.  I live in Brazil, and here, people do not like royalty and there is no news in the media. I just knew Princess Alexandra a few times in LTR.


Ana, Brazil


Story 4: I've never really bothered to look at other royal families, but the British. But one day, I was bored so I started to look at pictures of other royal families. Then I saw a picture of a really beautiful woman, who looked so exotic and her gown was SO beautiful, that was when I started to look for more information about her and was impressed( I still am!). (I think this was around late 2002). Lotte, I love your site, it is so hard to find info on her in English and living in the U.S. She is the only reason I want to travel to Denmark! 

Shante, Bronx New York


Story 5:

My name is Skye and I'm from California.  I've been a huge fan of Princess Alexandra since 1998.  I think she is a wonderful example of an ordinary woman who was able to transition beautifully into a monarchy. I want to thank you for your wonderful website. 

Skye, California


Story 6:  Hi Lotte!  My name is David, and I'm from Western Australia.  I have just
found your Princess Alexandra website, and it is great - I'm really looking
forward to seeing it grow and learning from it about this lovely lady.

I had heard about Princess Alexandra when she got married, but I haven't
heard much since.  Cos I am Australian, I of course was very interested in
the Royal Wedding of Prince Frederik and Princess Mary, and at the wedding I
once again saw pictures of the beautiful Alexandra.  Then I searched for her
on the net, and I found the message board, and from that I found your site.

Well done, please keep up the great work on this site, Lotte.

I think it is wonderful how the Danish royal family have opened their arms
to ladies from around the world - Alexandra from Hong Kong, and now Mary
from Australia.  Many people in Australia do not like our own royal family,
which is the British royal family, especially since they treated Princess
Diana so badly, and many people in Australia now are writing letters to the
newspapers saying that they wish we could have a royal family like the Danes
have!  The Danish royal family seems to be very sincere, genuine and open
people.  They are people it seems easy to like and to admire.  Prince
Frederik seems to be just an ordinary guy when he is not doing his official
job - we have seen footage of him with Mary's family in Tasmania, and he
fitted right in.  It was so refreshing to see!

As we Aussies say, "Good on ya", Lotte!

David, Australia

Story 7:

I first became a fan of the Princess in 1998 when I
was browsing through a Majesty Magazine in a local
bookstore.  I had to find out more about this Hong
Kong commoner who married into a Royal Family.  I went
looking on the web but unfortunately could not find
anything on the Princess that was not written in a
foreign language.  I then resorted to buying issues of
Majesty, Royalty and Hola that featured Alexandra.

I respect her because before her marriage, she applied
herself to learning the customs, culture and language
of the country that she was to represent.  She has
since through the last almost 9 years of her marriage
to Prince Joachim done her country, her husband and
her family proud.  Also the obvious love and devotion
between her and Prince Joachim is a pleasure to see.

Jas, USA

Story 8: My name is Megawati Belger.  I come from Indonesia and I have been living in Germany about 12 years.  I would like to inform you that I love to read the articles about the Danish Royals.

Megawati, Indonesia (Living in Germany)

Story 9:


I am a fan of the Princess Alexandra website. I spend lots of time there to search for information about the Princess, but the information is limited for me because I come from China. I cannot find out enough information about the Princess. Fortunately, I found your website about the Princess. In my opinion, she is the most beautiful and clever Princess in world.  I hope you can collect more and more photos and information about the Princess. I hope that more and more people can see the website.

Best wishes,
Zoe, China


Story 10 : NEW

thank you so much for giving people the joy and inspiration of your wonderful site in honor of Princess Alexandra!
She is such an inspiration for women who go through life's ups and downs because she is so dedicated and commited to her sons, good causes, a new husband and life. Not giving up and hard-working, as we all try to. It is so good to see Alexandra's wonderful smile on her ever beautiful face,
thank you so much 
 Karen , Germany


Story 11 : NEW

      I am a fan of Alexandra,i like her very much .When i saw the website of Alexandra ,i was so happy.i have downloaded many things of her.But when i search the video of Alexandra ,i found it very little.i want to see the video before the year 2007 very much . So can you find more about Alexandra .Thank you very much .
                                           lin , China




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