Hong Kong

                                                                                                                               Photo By Hanne Juul Year Sep 1995  In Hong Kong    

                 Thanks to Lala for this photo                                                     

 Back in summer 1995  Alexandra went back to Hong Kong to say  goodbye to her home town. 

She went with a film crew who were going to film her in Hong Kong. A Danish portrait was made called :

"  Alexandra's Hong Kong  " .        

Photo By JJ Film                     

    Hong Kong harbour . Alexandra is on a small boat.


Back To Hong Kong 1995

                                                                                     Photos By Hanne Juul

                                                                     Clippings from Magazine " Billed Bladet "


   Alexandra Manley going back to Hong Kong . Prince Joachim is saying goodbye to her at the Copenhagen airport.

                                                                        Photos  By Hanne Juul

                                                          Back In Hong Kong ,  Year   June 4 , 1995    -     June 7 , 1995 -


Photo By Hanne Juul   Year  Sep 1995  Prince Joachim In Hong Kong to take Alexandra home to Denmark



Hong Kong/ China 1997

Photos By Hanne Juul   Year June 24 - July 3 , 1997  In Hong Kong  ( Info from Magazine )


Photos By Hanne Juul , Nordfoto  Year June 29 1997





Princess Alexandra's birthday In Hong Kong

Photos By Hanne Juul , Nordfoto Year June 30 1997


     In China  July 3- 6 (Info from magazine )

                                             Photos By Jørgen Jessen , Sorgen Hytting, Claus Poulsen




                                                      Danfoss  factory open in Tianjin. ( wearing the pink dress )

                                                         Other photos from their trip in China.

                                                    Photos By Jørgen Jessen , Sorgen Hytting, Claus Poulsen                        





Hong Kong  2000

                                             Princess Alexandra went back home with prince Nikolai in Year 2000. 

Photos By Hanne Juul , Richard Jones ,



Back home in Hong Kong



                 Home in Denmark again  2000

Photos By  Martin Høien





In Shanghai 2004

                                                          Princess Alexandra at IKEA in Shanghai - March 2004

                                                         She opened new Airline from Copenhagen to Shanghai.

Photos By Yuyang ( A fan ) Thank you so much for these nice photos




Going To China - Summer 2004

   Princess Alexandra with the DR's Girls Choir going to China  July 13, 2004

Photos By Jeanne Kornum and Scanpix 

Link A : http://nyhederne-dyn.tv2.dk/article.php/id-1074928.html


Photo By Steen Brogaard                                            



In China  April 2005

                          Princess Alexandra went to China this time to promote Danish Industries to China. Between  25 to 28 of April.

                              Photos By  Steen Brogaard                                            







                                                   Art show April 26 , 2005



Grundfos Factory  April 27, 2005








The Danish GN Store Nord  April 28, 2005








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