"My Happy Country " book by Countess Alexandra

  Coming out October 2 , 2018

Countess Alexandra is also current with her book, "My Happy Country," and the book is torn away.
It drew directly into number two on bestseller lists at the country's largest bookshop chain, Book and Idea, and Arnold Busck. 

Look down for more photos added on Nov 2 .. Book reception





Photo by Bax Lindhardt


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Lecture By Countess Alexandra In Kolding December 4  ( Coming up )

Link  In Danish :   https://www.tikko.dk/event/grevinde-alexandra-foredrag-kolding-december-2018-2813/  


Book Fair At Bella Center  October 26 -27  Meet Alexandra in person

Countess Alexandra will be at a book fair At Bella Center on October Date 26 - 27.

To meet others and talk about her latest book.

Photos by Jens Lorgaard Larsen





Book Fair 

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One thing thing I have notice

Link  :  https://www.bt.dk/royale/lis-fik-signeret-bog-af-grevinde-alexandra-en-ting-har-jeg-bemaerket 




Photos from Magazine -  Alt for Damerne 









About her book and so much more   - Alt for Damerne    



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Link -  Danish :  https://www.alt.dk/artikler/grevinde-alexandra-om-skilsmisse-boern-og-at-vaere-alene     




 At her book reception Oct 1, 2018

Photo  by  Thomas Laursen  Added  Nov 2 

Photo  by  Erik Petersen  Added  Nov 2


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Photo  by  Thomas Laursen


Photo  by  Lars Møller



  Q - A with Countess Alexandra

Link  :  https://www.plusbog.dk/blog/q-a-med-grevinde-alexandra-392/



  Magazine Interview - Alt for Damerne

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Photo  by  Bax Lindhardt



  A small part of the book

Link :    https://issuu.com/jppolforlag/docs/mit_lykkelige_land_laeseproeve    read a small part of the book with photos  

One day I drove with Queen Margrethe in the car through the white landscape. She said to me that it was unusual with so much snow.
I thought it was for sure just a friendly attempt to reassure me.
There was no light either from street lights or from other cars. It was both scary and exciting.

I want to visit the familiar places and seek out unknown corners for me.
What does Danish happiness look like? What does it create?
I am excited to reach Møttønder, which I have not visited since I moved in 2005.
There I meet an old friend.
It's geese, I cautiously sensitize myself. Shortly thereafter, thousands of geese put off a whine.
It's wild, I shout and I see them divide themselves in the sky.




  About my own happiness 

I thought I was happy. But when you go through a crisis in your life ,you realize that happiness is not something that comes from others. 


Photo  by   Birgitte Carol Heiberg

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  September 27 , 2018

  Alexandra Interview about  the book 

  For 23 years, Countess Alexandra has lived in Denmark, and here she has struck roots so firmly that she feels like a Dane.

She writes in a new book, "My Happy Country", which will be released on October 2.

Unique interview with the PICTURE
Here, Countess Alexandra is watching her happiness knowing that she travels through Denmark and interviews with Danes trying to find out why we are among the most happy in the world.

- When you do not feel happy, keep in mind that something is always good from a bad situation ... at some point. Nothing lasts forever. Neither bad times nor good times, says the Countess, who also tells about joining the royal family, about his two sons, Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix, and about the relationship with his ex-husband, Prince Joachim, and his new son wife, princess marie


  April 6 , 2018


  Alexandra is publishing her own book about Danes happiness



Link magazine :  

In a new book, published in the autumn, Countess Alexandra tells about the very kind of happiness she has experienced in Denmark.
Friday, April 6, 2018 - by Ulrik Ulriksen
Countess Alexandra is writing the book "My Happy Country", published during the fall.

The work is a declaration of love to Denmark and a very personal tale of becoming part of a very special community. During the work with the book, Alexandra has traveled Denmark. The Countess has been in Skagen, in Møgeltønder and at Christiania to find out why Danes are so happy with life.

Alexandra talks about her own happiness
In the book, Alexandra also explains how she, as a 31-year-old in 1995, experienced coming from Hong Kong to Denmark, where she became part of the royal family and settled in Jutland on Schackenborg. Here she suddenly was in a very strange environment, which she quickly became a well-integrated part of. The Countess, in this regard, reflects on his own role as a public person and representative of Denmark, telling about being the mother of two princes and his own own ideas of happiness.

Countess declaration of love
"My happy country" is generally thought of as a very personal declaration of love for Denmark, and the Countess is also contemplating what might threaten our happiness. Something, as today, many Danes occupy cross-sectional political convictions.



Link :   https://issuu.com/jppolforlag/docs/nyheder_2018-2_issuu_enkeltsider_u_    Text in Danish  , see photos 

Order The Book

Link :  https://en.imusic.dk/bound/9788740040685/grevinde-alexandra-i-samarbejde-med-rikke-hyldgaard-2018-mit-lykkelige-land-indbundet-bog?_ga=2.199277097.683262698.1530749146-589741886.1530749146




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