Charlotte Sparre                                 

   Photo By Lars Laursen, Alex Tran, Hanne Juul,

The Danish Designer Charlotte Sparre is known for her silk scarf's .

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Charlotte Sparre started her business in 1993.

From what I have found out of info from magazines. Sparre did dresses and other clothes  for Princess Alexandra .

The first year were I found info from is 1998 -  I will go down by year.

I have spent many hours going though my own collection of magazines to get this info correct.


 The Empire Visit 1998

     Photos By  Claus Møller  Year 1998


June 2, 1998 a dinner held for the Emperor Of Japan.  ( this photo BUT smaller can be seen in " Jewelry "  )

Take a look at Alexandra's top . The Clover design .

The Green Ball Dress

Info about the dress : 

This green silk dress is designed by Charlotte Sparre. " The material is made with clover design & special made  for Alexandra "

and is not in  trade said Sparre.                      


  Photos  By Claus Møller


The Purple Ball Dress Jan 1, 1999

Photos  By Claus Møller


Info about the dress :  Cuttings from Magazines

Charlotte Sparre " Yes it is me who did the dress for  Alexandra "   see left  below.

 ( Alexandra seen from the back )  Alexandra in a new dress. The colour looks great on Alexandra .

From the back  the dress is made with a bow.

Photos  By Claus Møller




The Yellow Suite With Strips

Photos By Scanpix  Year 2000 Children with Cancer


       Info about the dress :

Princess Alexandra has had Charlotte Sparre to make clothes for her. Here she is in a yellow silk skirt that she wore last year 2000

for children with cancer . See to the left side.




The  Grey Suite With Pink Strips

Photo By Scanpix 

Info : Alexandra in a Charlotte Sparre design with a bag and scarf.


The Pink Butterfly Dress

Photos By Scanpix  2001 Norway Royal wedding




Summer Camp 2001

Princess Alexandra was back in 2001 sponsor for " Ungdommens Røde kors "  ( The youth Red Cross )

But NO MORE . These  photos are from The youth red cross summer camp.

Photos By Erik Kragh, Brian Rasmussen, Steen Brogaard ? 



















Dec 2001 Interview

Photo By Les Kaner

Info About the suit (  info from SE og Hør )


Princess Alexandra wearing her dear friends latest design a suit  - Charlotte Sparre  jacket with red fox .

 The material is made with English  wool.  SEE more under " Costume interviews "  to see her suit.










The Silver Ball Dress With China Collar

Photo By  Colourpress , Polfoto   2004















       Info on the dress

Princess Alexandra in a silver silk dress with China collar . The collar and the waist with glass pearls.

Photos  By Polfoto , Colourpress , Hanne Juul , Keld Navntoft , Martin Høien  2006  Magazines








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