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It is a common Friday morning at Hellerup Parkhotel.

Outside on Beach Road is Countess Alexandra's personal assistant and scout for his employer who shows up at the agreed time in a true to form chict outfit: Midnight blue miniskirt with matching booties and a pearly white tooth row that lights up the face with dark eyes.

The personal assistant has discreetly informed about the form of address. We are the Union. It says Danish water on the table. Countess order a cappuccino. And agree to let the framework for the interview be five selected photographs on one somehow connected to her life and upbringing - and she simply must associate freely based.

We begin in Hong Kong ...

"When people ask me what to see in Hong Kong, it is precisely this: The view of Hong Kong. It is one of the most beautiful in the world. I love to stand up and look down on the town when it shimmers in the first daylight or at night when the lights are on and everything sparkles like jewels. It's like jewelry so farverigt.Hong Kong is a city of great contrasts. This is where the West meets East at its best, a pot of different cultures and industries and people that everyone is busy, but move reasonably balanced on a small spot in the world. I feel happy when I see that picture. It reminds me of my childhood. "

What childhood memories targets related to particular Hong Kong?

"My sisters and I were outside every afternoon and cultivated usually a kind of sports with neighborhood children. It could be football or skateboarding, I was probably a bit of a tomboy. We lived in an apartment, and we were always either skateboarding or rollerblading down the steep road to the car park. There were too fast for us. We also played dodgeball. "

What did you make yourselves at the weekends?

"We sailed often out to the small islands around Hong Kong and went for a walk. We walked a lot. We often visited Buddhist monasteries, where they were vegetarians and we tasted the milk, they had produced. It was very exotic. In Hong Kong, we were used to getting homogenized milk that could stand on the shelf for months, so it was a luxury to have fresh milk

Can you feel the influence of Buddhism from your childhood?

"We belonged to the Protestant church, but for me, Hong Kong much about being in the moment. It is the way one lives on in all of Asia. You appreciate being in the moment. "

And it's probably a Buddhist king thought. There are now only.

'There you are perhaps wiser than I am. But to be happy with where you are now and not constantly search for something else, is part of Buddhism. My father was fantastic to be happy in his life with his children and his grandchildren. He woke up every morning and singing in the shower. He had no idea what the day would bring, but it did not matter, because he was just super happy to start the day in a good way, and it came quite naturally to him ...

It is also important in the Buddhist mindset that you have the soul with. You can not be 100 percent healthy, if it all flies, and you are stressed. In my work for Unicef​​, I visited some Buddhist temples in Thailand, where we worked with HIV and AIDS. There they learned Buddhist monks sick people to meditate, to be quiet in themselves and to be in their bodies. It uses myself a lot, for example when I grow yoga. It is not enough just to exercise physically, you work a little with the brain and the mind. "

Can you describe a yoga position - they grow a special branch, Ashtanga or similar?

"No, our teacher mixes it all a bit. He do not turn up the heat, so we sit in 40 degree heat, and whisk us away. Sometimes it's a little hard, sometimes he reads stories to us how we should think a bit more philosophical about what he has said. The exciting thing about his classes is that they are never the same. And when we finish, we must always thank ourselves that we have spent the hour of yoga. It is a once a week - it should actually have been now, but now I have canceled it to talk to you. '

How has Hong Kong changed since they left the place almost 20 years ago?

"Hong Kong is changing forever, and for me it would be a crisis if Hong Kong did not change. When we were on summer vacation when I was a kid, we came home after six weeks and then maybe that one of the tall buildings were demolished, and that they were already well on the way to build more floors on a new one. On the famous Hong Kong Bank, they built almost one floor per day. It grew up in front of a day like bamboo. "

Countess Alexandra was born as Alexandra Christina Manley of Hong Kong in 1964 as the oldest of Richard Nigel Manley and Christa Maria Nowotnys three daughters. His father was from Shanghai and worked as a manager in an insurance company - he died in 2010. His mother worked as a manager of a communications firm and now lives in Austria, where she comes from.

"We often traveled to Austria in the summer holidays and visited my mother's family. We lived with my grandmother in Vienna, but we also went often to the countryside. For us it was a great experience to see a chicken run and eat eggs that came straight from the farm - it was one of the tastiest. We also walked in the woods and gathered berries and mushrooms and wild flowers. "

Cultivated Their mother is Austrian in Hong Kong?

"Absolutely. We celebrated always Jul. 24 December, the British celebrate the 25 it she insisted. And we always had to have a Christmas tree. Although it might be 20 degrees, and the needles lay on the floor, and the tree was just a withered stick, she was glad that it was a real Christmas tree. My mother has influenced us a lot of traditions, she always decorated with Easter table and Christmas. And she cooked Austrian food, but also learned a lot of Asian cuisine. The three siblings have inherited her joy of cooking. "

Do you have a signaturret?

"Not really. I like to make new, and I'm not afraid to open the refrigerator and take some things out and create. My kids love my tiramisu - it is clear that children have a sweet tooth - but so does my husband also, and he has lived many years in Italy, so I appreciate that he thinks my tiramisu can compare with Italian tiramisu. "

Would you say that most closely resembles your father or mother of mind?

"I think a little more my father. But I also have a lot of my mother in me, she is very organized. And the older I get, the more I understand all the good advice they gave us when we were teenagers or in their twenties. Enjoy life. Do what you feel you want to do in life. Be true to yourself. I am who I am today because I have followed the advice. I do not think I've tried to be someone else.

My dad was a very outgoing person, very social. He loved to meet new people, and I do too. I put the huge cost of the friendships I have, but at the same time it is also important to get out of one's comfort zone and meet new people for a reception or a lecture. My father had a happy mind, I rarely saw him sour or sad, and it's a great gift to have. I wish I had more of it from him.

But I can see it in our oldest son, he has such a happy mind, he's like my father. He wakes up every morning and just happy. It is both my sons. But they are of course different. '

From 1995 to 2005, Countess Alexandra married Prince Joachim. They had sons Prince Nikolai (b. 1999) and Prince Felix (b. 2002). She lost her princess title when she in 2007 married photographer Martin Jorgensen. Countess Alexandra's full predicate name and title are today Her Excellency Alexandra Christina, Countess of Frederiksborg.

A slightly abstract approach to an important chapter in your life. How do you have in the time of day?

"I came from everything I knew, for all I knew. Everything changed in my life. I got married, I got a new family, I came to a new country, I had to learn a new language and a new environment to know, form new friendships ... Where do I stop? Everything was new. It was overwhelming, but I approached this with open arms because I liked that things changed at that time.

Getting married is indeed a huge change, becoming a mother is a huge change, so I might as well take it all in at once. It was a great learning period and I think I have a deeper and more enriched person of the experiences and challenges that I was going through. "

How is your relationship with the family today?

"I still hold a lot of my ex-in-laws, who welcomed me to the country, and I have to this day a good relationship with all of them. I'm really happy and grateful. My own family is close, but them I'm not here in Denmark, and I often miss my sisters and my mother. So it's nice to have my ex-husband's family close. I also have an extremely good relationship with him. I hear so many people say, "How is it good for the children that I have it as well." Yes, of course it's great for the kids, but it's also good for me and it's good for him. "

In retrospect, the massive change on all fronts too stressful?

"Yes. It would be wrong of me to say no. But when you stand in the middle of it, you just get on with it. When you then afterwards look back, you think, "Hey, it was all that you went through? 'Yes, it was chaotic. It was HUGE change. And it all resulted in a massive Herniated. There's the Eastern philosophy again: If you have both the mental and the physical with, so break there somewhere. '

It was the body's way of saying stop.

"Yea, though I knew it, said the body" Now I can not anymore, now we have to park things and take a break. "And that pain hell lasted just over nine months. '

It is also a long time.

"Yes, and in four months, when it was at its highest, I could not sit down for just a moment. The whole thing was a pain fog for me, and I remember how I looked at a chair and thought, 'Wow, this is something so basic as to sit down, which I can not at the moment. "It was also a lesson that I had to accept that not everything can be controlled. '

They were even touched on jobs and careers. Is it easier or harder to carve out a career when you have been part of the Danish royal family?

"That's a good question. I think I'm my own worst critic. I have said no to many things because I must protect the family, I am still attached. And cherish myself. So I give myself some obstacles. But I'd rather say no to too many things that might have been interesting than I will say yes to anything wrong. "

Can you describe the common thread in the various tasks and items that you undertake?

"The common thread in protektionerne to me clearly to be there for others and make a difference to other people. It enriches me so much to come out to an event where I can see that people are happy to see me. I recently went for Parkinson's Walkathon with my family and it was just so strong for me to walk beside people with Parkinson's, some of them had even participated in the Tour before. It was just so cool that they came up on the bike and also participated in the walk. '

If you get a greater need to be there for others when you get older?

"I think I've got it more after I arrived in Denmark. You have taught me to be resilient and be there for others. Of course there is a humanity in Hong Kong, but the way it supports the various events are great. A whole day of supporting Cancer Society, and as many volunteers walking around with gay and collect money. It seems to me that the Danes are very rewarding and good role models. "

Countess Alexandra is Knight of the Elephant. She is patron of a number of organizations, among other Danish Association of the Blind, Danish Parkinson Association of Danish UNICEF Committee, Odense Zoo, the North Sea Oceanarium and Girls Choir. She is also a board member of the pharmaceutical company Ferring Pharmaceuticals.

Can you guess what I wrote on Google when this picture came up?

'Hmm, that's some teenagers ... "

Exactly. They have a teenager and one that is on track to become one.

"I can even remember the uncertainty of having a foot in both camps and the feeling that the adults do not understand me. You are not an adult, but no child anymore. It was a confusing period. I can also see with Nikolai, it is a time when your body is changing a lot. He has grown a lot in the last year, maybe 20 centimeters.

All of a sudden he shot up, and he sleeps and eats more. And then he puts into question some of the things he just took for granted before. If I before said, "Now you go to bed," so I hear now: "Well, I am 14 years. I'll go to bed when I'm tired. "It's a delicate balance, and I've always said that it is one of our main jobs as parents to give slowly let go of our children. We do not own them, but we must give them the best things with which we can. But it is extremely difficult, because they grow up so fast. "

And what about the little brother?

"Yes, but he's still younger brother, he is only 11 years. He said to me the other day that it will be interesting to see where Nikolai is finished 9th grade - how Felix's life will be when it is only him in school. But he is very much its own. He has wonderful classmates and is very popular in the class, so it should not bother him at all. "

Can you try to describe the difference between being a teenager, when you were it, and so today?

"The biggest difference is definitely social media. It is quite tiring to think about how the young people to keep in touch with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat and things I do not even know. They know a lot about computers and are not afraid to test new things, but having said that, it is important for me to meet people face to face. I heard from my sister in Hong Kong that my nieces live 200 meters from their girlfriends, but they sit in their own room after school and communicate via computer. The contact with each other is in a different way today. "

Can you do something about it?

"I am very careful not to sound old-fashioned. Every generation has their way of going out into the world, so no, it should not come from me. It's a brave new world, and it is up to them how they tackle it. 'Will you try to put pictures on your own teenagetid? "We three sisters were certain girls, and the air was thick with hormones. I was the oldest, so I had to be a pioneer for my sisters. It was easier for my little sister to guide themselves through the slipstream of those paths, my middle sister and I opened up. "

Prince Nikolai currently completing Grade 9 Krebs' School. It has just been announced that he will start at the boarding school Herlufsholm at Kotri after the summer. Prince Felix goes to school at Krebs' School.

'A calendar symbolizing time passing. When I look in the mirror, I see a woman who looks back at me and says, "You're not 50 'It may well be that I'm completely wrong ... I take exercise a few times a week, I try to keep myself as best I can, and I eat mostly common sense, but are not fanatical - you have to enjoy life.

But when I see the number 50 in writing, I think: "Hey, it can not be me." Also, I think that age is what you make of it. There is a difference between someone who is 50 and has never exercised before, has a heavy mind and is very introverted and lonely compared to someone who is very social, has many friends and get exercise. I can tell which category I want to belong. I enjoy life. I do not think 50 should be resistant.

I embrace life and is happy to be where I am. Ergo, I must also embrace the 50 and 50 years will also be a kind of wisdom that I had not even when I was 30 or 40 '

What makes you happy?

"Definitely my husband, my children, my friends. '

Where are you celebrating the big day?

"In Copenhagen. It's actually my husband who persuaded me to keep something in the beginning I did not think that was super much to celebrate. The easier option would have been to go away and take a nice vacation with her ​​husband and children on a beach somewhere where you could relax. But no. My big day should definitely be celebrated with friends, for my friends means a lot to me. "

Countess Alexandra and Martin Jorgensen lives in the embassy district in the East of a villa which she has lived in since her divorce from Prince Joachim in 2007. She is 50 years old June 30.








August  2013




Femina magazine - There is more to life then exercise


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July 2013



Femina magazine  -  Countess Alexandra talk about being 40 +  New 


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Søndag - Sunday Magazine Interview 2012  New


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August 2012


    Sunday - magazine   Interview with Countess Alexandra  New


       Photo By Richard Sylvestersen  June Randers Rainforest



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Alexandra about exercise


 Six years ago, Countess Alexandra (48) a slipped disc in his back that made her what she calls the worst pain you can imagine.

But in spite of four months when she could not sit down just two minutes, where she ate alone, and held meetings alone, she is now without pain

Cultured Pilates for pain

- My therapist sent me to Pilates. It was a strange thought to have to exercise when you have such evil. But Pilates proved to be the perfect exercise for me, she explains, adding:

- Today I cultivate regular exercise. I have trained myself away from the pain and avoided being operated. I know that the process can be very different from person to person. There are no fixed rules of the epidemic. But a word of advice to all: Have patience, she says.

In the image gallery under the article, we have collected a lot of pictures of Alexandra and her life here in Denmark. See among other pictures from Prince Joachim and Alexandra's wedding, pictures of Alexandra and the children Nikolai and Felix and Alexandra's wedding with Martin Jorgensen.

Is not afraid of being pushed physically

- I know that I, to keep my back on straight, must exercise regularly and correctly. For me it means that I train twice a week in the gym with a trainer, and once a week I go to yoga, she says and says further that if she did not have time to get in the gym so she runs.

- I know now, namely that I should not be afraid to push myself physically. I just know that I push myself really. Moreover, do physical training also much for my mental state.
I buy the whole idea of ​​a healthy mind in a healthy body, she says.



40's a milestone

I am convinced that the 40s is a milestone in every woman's life. At least in the lives of women I know, including my own. Suddenly you look at his life from several angles, including angles, you might not have dared or wanted to look at before. Is there something you are unhappy with? Is there something you can or want to change, she says.
Alexandra's revelation

- And I must say: My revelation came when I was 45 years. First I lost my father, what my family and I to some extent was prepared for. He was 85 years old when he died. 20 years earlier, he had a blood clot in the brain. So the last 20 years with my father I never took for granted. I had done everything I could and everything I wanted with my father. And everything we would talk about was being said. So it was as it should be, she says

Death is hard to grasp

But one death was not the only thing that struck Countess Alexandra.

- Subsequently, I lost the other four people that year. Old people, but people who meant a lot to me. And suddenly revealed it in all its clarity that we are all mortal. It was not the first time in my life I had seen death. But when it dawned on me that it was far from the last time I came to experience death, on the contrary, it would be happening more frequently. The realization was hard to grasp, she explains.

 I am fond of looking at my engagement picture


Link  In English :



From Billed Bladet ; Her not so public life raises nevertheless often asked: What does Alexandra do?

- Just because you do not see me in a magazine every week, it does not mean that I'm not doing anything. I fit my patronages, and that means a lot to me and takes up much of my time. Additionally I have my directorship, which also takes time. And I'm an honorary member of several organizations, which requires almost as much time as a patronage, is the response from Alexandra in a great interview Sunday.

Will not represent one company
The Alexandra, who came here from Hong Kong, was a career woman, and since she stepped out of the royal family, there has been persistent speculation as to when we see her in a top position in business. But the speculation can continue much longer.

- Well, I do not want a management job in the business! And I say this because I can not and will not represent a single company. I find it hard to see that I as a patron of, among other Danish UNICEF Committee, Danish Society for the Blind and Radio Girls' Choir also had to sit at at. nine to 17 each day in a company. I can not get to hang together. A board of directors may or consulting work where I do not have to take a certain hat and say: I am 90 percent in one establishment and then I'm 10 percent my patronages. If I sat in one company, what should I do with the patronages and honorary member creates, I represent and with great joy has been working with for 15-16 years? Should I just leave them? Should I just say that they are not more important, says Alexandra on the 13 associations, organizations and associations to which she is patron of.

Commerce gene are satisfied
Additionally, she has since 2007 served as a board member of the international department of the pharmaceutical company Ferring Pharmaceutical. And just the board satisfies what she calls her business gene.

- There is still a very professional woman in me, yes. But my business gene do I get satisfied when I sit for board meetings.
I've also said no to some offers because I felt that it was not right there, I had to put my name, explains Alexandra.




Fit Living Magazine Interview With Countess Alexandra 2010   New



InterviewExercise for me is that I to something good for myself. 

Eating fruit & vegetables that has a lot of color is rich in vitamins I once read somewhere.

Good habits is good. I try to award foods with pesticides.



Countess Alexandra  Tv Interview  Nov 27 , 2008


 Link ADDED  see info on site

Alexandra " It was a very hard decision to make to get the divorce from Prince Joachim.  It was a long process

first you try very thing you can. Not all fairy tales need happy . But try to remember that life continue" Said Alexandra

Children should have disciplin 

 " Children should have discipline. A no is a no . They should know where the limit  go " said Alexandra .

" That's what we do with our children.  Other people are telling me how well behaved the children are when we are out.

That's makes me proud " said Alexandra.

Pictures can't lie 

 TV Interviewer  :  " You were very popular if you look at the magazines. You came as a princess and now connected to scandals.

How to you find yourself with stories that you have let down your children and parents, ex husband and that you are considered

a witch," said the TV interviewer.

Countess Alexandra laughing  " I don't  read about that . I know I am getting along with my parents and ex-husband , family .

Other people would like to make a story about that  Prince Joachim and I are not talking and getting along.

We proofed  time and time again that pictures can't lie. We are getting along very well.

I will always be honest to myself. " Said Countess Alexandra . END




Costume Magazine Interview With Princess Alexandra 2004


                                                                                                                                                 Photos By  Marc Höm



The interview took place at Amalienborg in May.

She had said yes to be interviewed by the magazine “Costume”.

The princess came in wearing jeans and turquoise blouse.

Excerpt of interview.



Once upon a time there was a woman called Alexandra Christina Manley.

Every morning, she went to work at a big office in a city called Hong Kong.

But one day she met a prince and he took her to his country.

She took her dog with her. She didn’t know any one else then her husband.

Alexandra Christina Manley had to start all over again and dream new dreams. Now she was going to be Princess Alexandra.

“In the beginning I felt very lonely. I went from working with 200 people

if I had a question about something you knew where to go. Here I came to

another big system and I was all alone. I felt it that was frightening.”





Princess Alexandra is charming. Just the way she did 9 years ago at Fredensborg when she was showing her ring to the press.

A few weeks before her 40th birthday she is showing her way of what she wants.

“Being 40 is a milestone. There are a lot of things you need to do in life.

Now it begins.

What is my place on Earth?  How am I going to do things better for me and my family.  These are some of the things I ask myself.” Alexandra said.

“Every time I come home from something official and see how happy they are, I am happy too. Many of my friends say, “It must be very tiring.”

I’d rather be busy than having nothing to do.  I get more energy the more work I do,” Alexandra said.




How do you experience the effect you have on people?


“It’s easy for me to talk to people we always find a subject to talk about.

It is important to try to get the best out of each situation, no matter where you are.

It could be a child in a kindergarten who asks, “What is it like to a princess and where is you crown today?” Then I tell them that I left the crown home

because it was to heavy to wear.”

“When I meet the people from the Danish Blind Society, Although I know they can’t see me, I know we have contact with them.” Alexandra said.

“My life had turned upside down when I came to Denmark almost 10 years ago. From one day to the other getting engaged, married, getting used to been a public person and getting other duties was overwhelming.  All of a sudden, you get a role you have to fill and get to know your new country and finding new friends. I didn’t know anyone. I remember it as being a 5 year old again, you have to learn things from scratch. It took about 3 years for me to say that I got the things in place and then could focus on my job that was important to me.

In the beginning it was like a typhoon that turned things upside down in my life. It was confusing.

Fortunately, I was open and stubborn. I am a person who says this is my situation if anything has to get better then I have to do something about it.

I have a close family and they mean the world to me.

In the beginning I was thinking am I doing a good job? Where can I buy a calendar?

At that time it was important to me not to start a family. How could I do that when I felt like a 5 year old?  I had a lot to learn,” said Alexandra.


What is the difference between the Alexandra who came to Denmark about 10 years ago and the Princess today?


“I am no longer a career woman with a big C. I am a person who has a very humanitarian job.”




Do you miss your life from before you became a public person?


“I miss the spontaneity. Of course I can take a walk on Stroget in Copenhagen, but after a while, I feel that I am not so anonymous.

You feel a bit vulnerable when anyone knows you and when you are out, you want to be private. Then you want to go home a bit early because it’s not relaxing. Earlier, I could go out with a friend and have a cup of coffee and go shopping. Of course I can still do that but if I want to buy make-up someone wants to know that kind of make-up brand I got or what size of shoe I use. Does she have small or big feet? There is no longer a discretion or anonymity.”







We see you as a strong woman who is not afraid to say what’s on our mind, special to the press. Have you ever wanted to say something.?


“One of my first official jobs as a royal person was at Randers Rainforest (Denmark ) 1996. I think there were over 50 press people there.

I was going to see the rainforest and the press stood close to me. It was very hot in there over 86 degrees and very humid. The press was running around and was almost falling over each other to get the best shot.

They were sweating not me. I loved it. After 5 minutes someone asked me

“So does the Princess like the rainforest?”  “I hadn’t seen a thing yet so I said:  “To be honest if you don’t move, I can’t answer your question. I can’t see anything.”


“I have chosen to work as a sponsor for different organizations.

I would like to touch as many people’s hearts as possible.

Last year in February 2003 with UNICEF I meet a young family in the poor area of North Thailand. The small family lived in the jungle they had 1 child a girl, but they were poor and both parents had Aids.

The father wanted 2 cows so that he could take care of this family.

They wanted to best for their daughter. “It was hard to be there.  I felt so hopeless. I remember going back to the hotel when Felix was only 5 months old. I was still breast feeding him. The whole family wanted to get hold of me, and Joachim wanted to know how the day went. So I went to the bathroom and closed the door and I was sitting there for a while by myself.”



Don’t you wish that you could pull out the plug and say no to an arrangement ?


“I would never do that. But of course I would like to get on a plane to a small Island somewhere, and forget all about my duty for a few hours.

“I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t say that,” Alexandra said.


“It is important to charge up the batteries. Now I have to think about me for a chance.”  Sometimes I am with my children or my husband, or eating lunch with friends. Then talking about how the week went.

But it is also important to have a private side that no one else knows about.”






How do you keep a private side in your position ?


“I don’t think I have a chance when I am out to something official.

You have to think about what you say and do when you are out.

It’s hard to be in public.  You can’t just sit and shake your shoulder if you feel tired. When you know you are out to something official, you have to give all you can from both sides.”


Do you want to step down from your activities?


“I am a person how loves high tempo. Even as a child I did a lot of things.

I can see it in my children. Nikolai has a lot of energy. I once asked a friend of mine, “Where does Nikolai get all that energy from?”  She said,

“He has it from you of course.”

Sometimes it’s good to try new things. I just had 5 hours of Mandarin.

I was going to open a new route from Copenhagen to Shanghai.

At the airport, I held a speech in Mandarin after a 12 hour plane ride. I had  jet lag and I was so tired.








   Alt For Damerne Magazine Interview With Princess Alexandra Dec 2001



                                                                                                                 Photos By  Les Kaner And Scanpix   ( Wearing Charlotte Sparre design )




The interview with the Princess took place in December 2001 at Amalienborg.

She talked about what it was like to be a princess in 2001-2002.

"The best word I can say is balance," she said.

"It is important to find the balance between being close and also some mystery," Alexandra said. There has to be something left for me Private.

She talked about her work with children.

"I never have a problem finding a subject to talk about. I try to make people less nervous when they meet me," she said.

"Of course I’ve had butterflies in my stomach. For me it is important to get the best out of any situation," Alexandra said.


The difference between the Princess Alexandra and Alexandra Manley?

“What is the difference?” asked the reporter.



"It must be losing your anonymity. Of course my husband and I go to other places in the world to get a private holiday. 

But some times the press has found us and that can be a shame.” She said.


“Can it be lonely being a princess?” Asked the reporter


“Yes I will say so it comes with the position. When I came to Denmark and went out to something I went alone. It was lonely at times. But it helped when I got my

Lady in Waiting. Then we could talk about how fun it had been or if we could have done something better,” Alexandra said.


“I miss being with my family and miss my 2 sisters a lot.

I also miss being with my old friends who can’t come to Denmark so often.

They can’t understand the life I have now, so I don’t talk about that so much to them,“ she said


They talked about her style of clothes.

She dropped the short dress. “Because of my age ,“ she said.

Sometimes I wear jeans.

She can wear the clothes she wore from before she became pregnant with Nikolai.

Princess Alexandra looked like a million when she left the hospital with her son Nikolai ( Sept 1999 )

She got the epidural and was lucking she had an easy birth, she said.

“It is not the midwife who has to give birth so I don’t think they should decide.

“Would you like to have more children?” asked the reporter.

“Yes we would like that. But now I want to make time for Nikolai.

He is sleeping though the night. He is a calm child.





About been a princess.


“I could of course have studied how other Princesses in our history were like or done things. But how could I use it ?

It is the time now you have to think about,“ Alexandra said.


New Year's eve 2001- 2002 ?


" I would like to celebrate and have a  nice party. " Alexandra said.


" Well next year I would like to work with more children .

To fell that you have done something good for someone." Alex said.


The End











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