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December  2011


 Kids & Cancer  New

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November 2011


 Dancing For Unicef  Nov 13 , 2011 New


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October 2011


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 Breast Cancer Month

Photo by  Thokild Amdi  Oct 20 , 2004


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September 2011 


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Sponsor work list

Photo by Steen Brogaard  2004


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Danish Christian Daycare Center  27 sep , 2011 New see more photos

Photo by Jacob Ljorring  June 2003


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August 2011  New

No Ecco Walkathon

Photo by Royal Dish

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June 2011

 Kids for kids ( to help kids )

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 A new dog in the family 

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 Opening of the African region in Odense Zoo  June 1

Photo by Birgitte C Heiberg


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The princes were exploring ZOO

Alexandra fed giraffes in 'Africa'.

Among chimpanzees, giraffes and flamingos flying to Countess Alexandra Saturday to welcome Odense Zoo's African dream Kiwara.

She had her husband, Martin, and her two children, Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix when she had to inaugurate the new African region in Odense Zoo.

They were shown around among the many animals. And not only that they could see the giraffe, they could also be allowed to feed the long-necked. It tried the two princes, and countess were the first ever.

Kiwara is the first place in Denmark, where guests will be allowed to feed giraffes and thus get close to the tall animal.

After the tour was the little family to go around for themselves and explore the garden.

Alexandra is patron of the Odense Zoo. Kiwara Odense Zoo's big bet. It has cost 60 million to create the African region, and it fills one third of the entire garden area. Guests can, in addition to giraffes, would also see lions, giant turtles and zebras


Countess Alexandra photo model in Magazine .  

Photo by  Les Kaner, All Over

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About getting older, losing and sons ...

Honest Alexandra unveils

... losing

Last year lost Countess Alexandra's father, Richard Nigel Manley. He died after a short illness. In an interview with ALT for the ladies she says that losing someone she loves, redefines the minds her.

- The more philosophical thoughts come to me when there is seminal events in my life as it was losing someone I loved. It is not so much a new zero at my age that makes me think about things

... getting older

She is 46 years old. As 31-year-old she was princess when she married Joachim, and after nine years of marriage, the two divorced. Alexandra is now 46 years, but will in no way be weigh down by age.

- You have to find joy where you are and I am big believer that you are only as old as you feel you are. It is important to preserve the enjoyment of life and ability to laugh at himself and with others, she says to ALL the ladies.

... to raise her sons

Countess Alexandra is the mother of Prince Nikolai (11) and Prince Felix (8). She shares custody with the boys' father, Prince Joachim. And although the boys' special position probably bear some even come with it, it is important to the Countess that her sons were independent. To TOTAL for the ladies, she says:

- Your job as parents is complete when you feel they can safely enter into the big world and do things themselves. She also attaches great importance to Felix and Nikolai are aware of their responsibilities.

- Do not just start with different things and after a week saying, no, it did not work. There must be some substance in what you want, and you must take responsibility for what you do
, she says.


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Countess reveals hidden talents

Alexandra jumps out as a model in magazine

The countess, smiling, as has often been photographed in fine company, is now a model in this weeks 'TOTAL for the ladies'.

In an interview has been given a series of pictures of the Countess of Frederiksborg. On the proper model style is Alexandra styled beautifully and dressed differently to all the pictures.

The images were taken about a month ago and they reveal so much a hidden model talent at the 46-year-old beautiful countess

- Countess Alexandra is always super photogenic. She is very easy to work with in front of a camera, "says Camilla Frank, editor of the magazine, ALT for the ladies.

In longer interviews, it is customary to be taken several pictures of the person, where that is styled and beautifully dressed for the occasion. However, the style-conscious countess had a little participation, since the cost of her attire.

- We always do our best to keep the people available for interview doing best. It is obviously also the case of Countess Alexandra. But the Countess is even a sense of what suits her, and we have chosen the clothes together, "says Camilla Frank.

Despite his fine title is Alexandra been treated on equal footing with all other celebrities. She has neither received any fee to make up the pictures.

- Neither our interviewees or sources generally have money to contribute to articles in ALT for the ladies.
It is quite common practice - and thus for the Countess Alexandra says Camilla Frank.

May  2011

Giving out money to the blind Society  May 23

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Japanese TV documentary about Countess Alexandra coming soon in Japan

Photo by Ria Pedersen , Over All 


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 Countess Alexandra  in Bulgarian May 11, 2011

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Don't know how long time this will last

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Billed-Bladet broadcast journalist Trine Larsen met today Countess Alexandra during her visit to the Bulgarian town of Vidin, approximately 5 hour drive northwest from the capital Sofia.

The countess has traveled to Bulgaria as a patron of the Danish UNICEF Committee which, together with Velux Foundation has established a family center in Vidin.

During the visit to Vidin Alexandra inaugurates the newly constructed complex, which in contrast to an orphanage, to be a new community center in town, where trained staff to provide support and advice to young people and severely congested parents.

In Bulgaria you have big problems with overcrowded orphanages, where children often live in poor conditions and without sufficient human contact.

With the opening of a new contemporary children's and youth complex UNICEF takes the first step for Bulgarians.

The countess has among others the company of Secretary General of UNICEF Denmark Steen M. Andersen, the Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Valentina Simeonova, the city's mayor Rumen Vidov and the Danish ambassador in the country, Kaare E. Jansen.

Tonight we head back home to Denmark, and tomorrow evening tells Countess Alexandra of his experiences in Bulgaria in "Night Show" on


Charity Ball to help children in battered families May 


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February  2011

  Danish society of the blind  February 25 , 2011 

Photos by Thomas Olsen


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January 2011


 UNICEF - City Randers January 20 , 2011

Photo by  Jeannot Huyot


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Randers, 21st January

The next year should be assembled in Randers lots of money for children in the province of Karamoja in northeastern Uganda. The collection is because Randers, UNICEF City the 2011th
Both the Danish Crown and Tulip is headquartered in Randers and therefore backs course up on the good purpose.

- As a large company in Randfontein, it is natural for us to be there when residents and businesses in the community undertakes to do something to improve conditions in the world, says Rune Jung Berg Pedersen, Communications Manager at Tulip and recently appointed UNICEF ambassador.
Sausages and soup in a good cause
Danish Crown and Tulip will be ready with support in various ways. Already, since the project was launched yesterday officially launched by Countess Alexandra of Frederiksborg, was the Danish Crown and Tulip with.
From a sausage bike served the green sausages for the guests, in addition to Countess Alexandra, who is patron of UNICEF, also speaking mayor in Randers, Denmark Henning Jensen Nyhuus, Secretary General of UNICEF Steen M. Andersen and a large proportion of the total of 31 newly appointed UNICEF ambassadors.

For popular opening tomorrow 22nd January, Danish Crown and Tulip also be involved. This marked the opening of Randers as UNICEF City 2011 with distribution of soup for the attendees at the square in front of the old town hall.
Happy for their support
Support for and engagement in the collection of keen delight in both Countess Alexandra, Mayor Henning Jensen Nyhuus and Secretary Steen M. Andersen.
We can not do it alone and are happy for their support, came from Henning Jensen Nyhuus for the official opening.

 There is a huge commitment in Randers, and it's going to make a difference for children in Karamoja, continued Steen M. Andersen, and Countess Alexandra agreed.
 I have helped to open all UNICEF Cities and common to them all is that they have put a great commitment to the job that really deserve respect.


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Alexandra opened UNICEF City 2011  (   Translated by Google Translate )

Vital vaccines for 230,000 children under five in the Ugandan province of Karamoja. It is an objective of UNICEF City Randers the 2011th The area has a child mortality rate is 27 times higher than in Denmark. Thus the area is one of the worst hit in the world when it comes to child mortality. This was announced by UNICEF General Steen M. Andersen for the opening of UNICEF City Randers the 2011th
In the next year will be in Randfontein area unite to help children in Karamoja.

The municipality has been well received by UNICEF Denmark's challenge to become a UNICEF City the 2011th Randers takes over the baton from Esbjerg. This will Randers ninth city since 1998, titled "The Annual UNICEF City".
Strong need
At the official opening in Randers told Countess Alexandra in her capacity as patron of UNICEF, how she herself has seen the need to help children in
developing countries.

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 Saw the twins  January 10 , 2011

Photo by Thomas Laursen  ( se og hør )


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Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix met today for the first time the newest members of the royal family.

Along with their mother and stepfather Martin Jørgensen visited Mary and Frederik at Rigshospitalet. And it was a few hopeful princes, who met the press before the meeting:

- We were pleased, "said Prince Nikolai excited to before the family took the elevator up the royal couple.

"Crown Prince looks more tired than Mary"
And after the meeting was an enthusiastic Alexandra, who met the press:

- It's been a really nice visit. It has some really cute and very small babies, "says Alexandra to and continues:

Crownprincess  looks healthy, well and truly happy out and she is very fresh too. The Crown Prince is actually more tired than the Crown Princess.

- They are looking forward to coming home and have started a normal life up. It is of course a handful of them, but I'm sure they'll handle it well, "says Alexandra.

The princes: "The twins are similar"
Also princes liked the new small:

- They are really cute and small. And they resemble each other very much, "said the Princes Nikolai and Felix.

How cute the twins are, are nevertheless not Alexandra to consider themselves to have more children:

- It's a nice age they have the two (about Felix and Nikolai ed.), it's pretty much work to be small. We are really happy with our two, "said Countess



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