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Alexandra interview at hotel Nimb  November 20, 2019

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Alexandra  and Dennis Knudsen  (  Makeup & hair stylist )  Nov 10 , 2018

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Alexandra in Malmø Nov 10 , 2018                     


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Opening of new breast clinic in Aarhus  Nov 8 , 2018

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 No singing lessons Nov 5 , 2018

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 TV2 ( news )  Nov 5 , 2018

The Countess was in the music studio in June, and the release has been a secret that only a small crowd of friends has known. Not even her sons, Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix were informed. But they have welcomed it.

- I think they are very proud. Nikolai said he had played it for some friends who had cheered and danced around, tells Countess Alexandra.



 Don't care about negative comment on her new song  - From DR TV Nov 5, 2018

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Since last week she released the single 'Wash Me Away', Countess Alexandra has mixed reactions in the media.

The song has been the number one on iTunes, and BT's entertainment manager Maiken Wexø believes the population should give the Countess full support , while Extra Magazine's reviewer Thomas Treo calls the singler ' a school example of how it should not be done '.

- I'm definitely not saying I'm a professional singer. And if anyone says that I can not sing, that's fine. It's just a song and it's for charity, says Alexandra about the song that was made for the Swedish charity 'Star For Life', which helps poor and vulnerable children in southern Africa.

The Countess, however, is backed by both Linse Kessler and Conservative Justice Minister Søren Pape Poulsen, who are also guests in the program.

- There is not anyone who can say you can not sing because that sounded really nice. You can sing, and you can not take it from yourself, says Linse Kessler, while Søren Pape Poulsen praises the Countess to be brave.

"People know you from different contexts, and you are blamed for publishing a song. I think this is brave, says the Minister of Justice.

A win-win situation

However, Countess Alexandra's song was kept secret until the release, and not even the record company Sony Music knew that the song came from the former princess.

"We have taken one step at a time, and Søren Mikkelsen, who has written the song and I should have confidence in each other, and we worked two days for this song. When he was happy, he sent the song to Sony, who did not know it was me singing. So I felt protected all the way, she says.

For the Countess, however, the most important thing is that she does something that feels right for her.

- You have to do something that makes a happy one. To me, this is a win-win situation, because I've had so much pleasure in making this song, and at the same time it's a good purpose. You're never too old to try something new, it sounds from the Countess, nor will you deny that more numbers could come from her.


 " Wash Me Away " By Countess Alexandra is Nr 1 on I Tunes Denmark   Nov 3 , 2018

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"One must remember that the royal family is already very engaged in cultural life. The queen paints, and Henrik has made sculptures and poems. What Alexandra throws herself over is pop culture, it's all right - when she sings for the benefit of charity. "

By Sebastian Olden-Jørgensen


 Alexandra - It's fantastic  November 3 , 2018

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 Her Debut Single " Wash me away "  Out today November 2 , 2018

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 On the ship Queen Mary 2

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Photos by  DR , May 26



 Model Job is Not a Career



  Prince Graduates From High School , date 26

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  Prince Of Denmark Dior

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Prince Nikolai on Dust Magazine Cover June

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Interview - Denmark is my home June 2 , 2018

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  Royal Arena date 27



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50th birthday party for crown prince Frederik date 26

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photos  by DR , May 26 








H C Andersen International kindergarten College  May 24 , 2018

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Link :   Video  from Tv2 fyn September 2017,  About the kindergarten in English


The  Opening Of Cathay Route From Copenhagen To Hong Kong May 2 , 2018

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 Prince Nikolai was model for London fashion week Feb , 2018

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Alexandra speaking to business people in Odense Jan 31 , 2018

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